Alex D'Sa on all things tentacular


We asked Alex D'Sa, who plays Sara in Octopus, er...eight questions.

How do you feel about this Octopus?

Totally energised and engaged. I want to throw this Octopus in the middle of Westminster and see each of its tentacles capture certain politicians in a headlock.

Why should Edinburgh want some Octopus?

Apart from the obvious deliciousness of octopus haggis, Edinburgh is such a diverse, open place with endless possibilities, sharp comedy and musical masterminds -- all of which can be found in Octopus!

You play Sara. What's with her?

Sara is a very straight-laced, thoroughly British, intelligent and ambitious woman. She is perpetually single (calling all potential suitors) and lives for Friday night with her girlfriends and a Sunday roast with her parents. She is also sporadically on the 5-2 diet so be careful which day you catch her.


How does she feel about octopuses/octopi?

Strange creatures. A bit obscure. She'll stick with cats, thank you very much.

We've just had an EU referendum. Which way would your character vote?



She is concerned that leaving the European Union is too big a risk for the economy as she has a lot of friends in the financial sector, not to mention unforeseen consequences on her job as a tax advisor. As the daughter of immigrants, she believes immigration can be a benefit when it is properly regulated, and thinks what we need is a revision of the terms of our EU membership, not to throw our toys out of the pram.

Do you think octopuses are going to take over the world?

The Simpsons predicted Trump. All I'm saying is Kang and Kodos are pretty octopus-like.

Are you an octopus?

A lady in the street, octopus in the sheets.