Noma's Land

Written by Afsaneh Gray

"There was a duck egg duvet set and sateen sheets – 800 threads! It was called 'Dreams' in big letters above the door."

A quotidian Odyssey where the hero finds no golden fleece, rescues no one, and doesn't live happily ever after, Noma's Land is an epic journey, a quest to find fulfilment and success.

Noma, a young boy from an unidentified land, comes to the city to seek his fortune. Shortly after he arrives, he meets an elderly man who gives him his first lesson in the rules of the game – everything has a fee. If Noma is going to succeed in this world, it's clear he's going to have to make some unsavoury decisions.

Running through the play is the concept of 'the machine': from the factory where Noma first works, to the business he sets up, to the encroachment of its rules of engagement into everyday life.

Noma's Land started life as a scene between a Moth and Flame, which was premiered and then developed at Arch 468. It went on to be presented at Hampstead Theatre's Start Night, under the direction of Tanya Singh. Dramaturgical support was provided by Carissa Hope Lynch.

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