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Given The Times (Finborough Theatre)


Given The Times

By Omar El-Khairy

Directed by Daniel Burgess

With the recession beginning to bite and the impending threat of mass layoffs, workers at a New Media plant find themselves caught up in a bitter struggle with their employers. As union reps fail to break the deadlock, Ashley takes matters into his own hands. Accompanied by an ambitious young journalist, he takes the company's CEO hostage. But as the stakes are raised and pressure builds in the cramped office, allegiances begin to shift. This is one situation that no one will be able to negotiate out of…

15 July 2011

Finborough Theatre

Vibrant - A Festival of Finborough Playwrights 2011

12 new plays, 12 Finborough Playwrights… An annual festival of rehearsed readings of new work from the Finborough Theatre Writers Group.

Shepperton Road (IsoProductions)

An IsoProductions Project...

Shepperton Road

Written by Afsaneh Gray

and Rosa Connor

Directed by Carissa Hope Lynch

From behind the bar and perched on a stool, a live, recurring site-responsive soap opera at the Rosemary Branch pub.

Here lies a den of local loves and intrigues. The Rosie on Shepperton Road is just like any other pub. Its fiercely loyal clientele have fingers in each others' pies and maybe in something else as well.

"... a production that challenges the boundaries and definitions of theatre" - Josh Surtees, Camden Journal

"… an innovative bid to bring theatre to a new audience" – Rob Bleaney, Islington Gazette

The Rosemary Branch

8, 15, 22, 29 November 2010

For more information, visit: http://www.isoproductions.co.uk/content/?p=627

Enter Stranger (IsoProductions)

An IsoProductions Project...

Enter, Stranger

Written by Afsaneh Gray and Rosa Connor
Directed by Carissa Hope Lynch
Video by Tanya Singh

A site-responsive audio landscape with moving image projections, developed and performed for the Theatre Applications conference at the Central School of Speech and Drama.

21 - 23 April 2010
Theatre Applications

For more information, visit: http://www.isoproductions.co.uk/content/?p=459

rather than words... (IsoProductions)

An IsoProductions Project...

rather than words comes the thought of high windows

Written by Afsaneh Gray and Rosa Connor

Directed by Carissa Hope Lynch

Video by Tanya Singh

A site-responsive pop-up multimedia performance, in and around the Market Estate.

Stumble across day-to-day moments in the isolated and intertwined lives of a group of residents. Peer into the windows of two kitchens or start with the kids below in the car park. An exploration of connections and misconnections, perceptions and misconceptions, inspired by newspaper articles written about the Market Estate and encounters with those living there.

6 March 2010

Market Estate Project

For more information, visit: http://www.isoproductions.co.uk/content/?p=459

The Ark (Arcola Theatre)

The Ark

Written by Omar El-Khairy
Directed by Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway

As a war-torn nation contends with the violent presence of a foreign occupying power, two adolescent deities set out on a journey in search of a spaceship to another time and place. The Ark is a grown-up fairytale of love and loyalty set in our world, but not just yet.

17 & 18 July 2010
Made in Hackney Festival
Arcola Theatre

Three Weekends. Nine writers. 30 minute plays. Made in Hackney.
These complete, short works were the culmination of the Arcola Writers' Group workshops.

Uncle (IsoProductions)

An IsoProductions Project...


Afsaneh Gray

Directed by Carissa Hope Lynch

"Have you not felt the breeze of shells on your neck?

Seen the gunfire lying in the sky like a firework display tripped on its face?"

All Julia wants is to find her lost cockapoo. But when you're living in the middle of a border dispute, going to sleep in one country to wake up in another, even a lost dog can become a battleground.

Exploring how stories can be manipulated to serve the ends of a powerful few, Uncle asks: What happens when your reality is no longer yours to define?

24 February – 14 March 2009

Old Red Lion Theatre

Uncle was a product of IsoProductions' mentor programme, and performed as a curtain-raiser to Isfahan Calling by Philip de Gouveia. For more information, visit: http://www.isoproductions.co.uk/content/?p=66

Mulberry Films (Mulberry School for Girls)

@ Mulberry School for Girls

Tanya Singh has worked as filmmaker-in-residence at Mulberry School for Girls since 2009. Most recently, she headed the Mulberry Women's Cinema, a community-wide audience development and research project supported by Film London and Mulberry School.

Participatory films she has made at Mulberry School include:

Picture Me (2011, 22mins)

In collaboration with Clara Pope, Shona Davidson, Nazma Khatun, Zakiyah Rahim and Afsana Begum

An autobiographical and experimental documentary in which a group of mothers and daughters explore what family means to them. Their storytelling voiceovers and recorded poetry are layered over a montage of old photographs, found home video and hand-drawn cut-out animation.

Unnamed (2010, looped installation)

In collaboration with Shara Ismail and students at Mulberry School for Girls

A multi-screen installation of 3 video loops inspired by the surreal grammar of dreams and the films of Maya Deren, first shown at the Silkworks festival at Southwark Playhouse. Across a bank of television screens, dreamlike images flicker and repeat. A girl looks through a foam telescope. She blinks. Footsteps. A gap in the fence. Red. Green. Blue. She turns into someone else.

'The Unravelling' documentary (2010, 15mins)

In collaboration with Marcus Hibbert and students at Mulberry School for Girls

A documentary following a group of students and artists as they create, rehearse and perform The Unravelling – and then go on to win a Fringe First at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2009, the first school ever to win this award.

Looking at Us (2009, 19mins)

In collaboration with Alexandra D'Onofrio and students at Mulberry School for Girls

A playful and experimental documentary in which a group of 15 teenagers use vox pops, long-form interviews, and image theatre, layered with split-screens and text, to untangle popular perceptions of 'Muslim women'.

Her work with Mulberry Theatre Company includes:

Tamasha-Mulberry Scratch

Soho Theatre, 10 June 2011

Video design/dramaturgy for new multimedia plays by Amman Singh Brar, Jim Kenworth, Neela Doležalová, Rosa Connor, Sabrina Mahfouz and Sumerah Ahmed.

This showcase was the culmination of a term-long creative collaboration between Fin Kennedy, Tanya Singh, Tamasha Theatre Company, 8 playwrights and a host of Mulberry students and staff. More details on Fin's website.

The Urban Girl's Guide to Camping

Written by Fin Kennedy
Southwark Playhouse, 14-17 July 2010

Video/projection design for the 2010 premiere production.

Four best friends make a life-changing camping trip, narrated by one of the group on her online blog. Barbara Fuchs' set design incorporated abstract and diegetic video projections that explored this meeting of the real world with virtual words.

For more information, visit the Mulberry School for Girls website.