Paper Tiger @ Bush Bazaar

In association with Theatre Delicatessen & Bush Theatre:


by Paper Tiger
With Daniel Naddafy and Gary Horner

Commissioned by Theatre Delicatessen. A serpentine journey for audiences to navigate through the Bush Theatre. An ‘S4G’ man approaches you. He asks you to go to a phone box and pick up a message. “Sarah. Where are you? I think I'm being followed. Mahmood's lost his appeal. Go to my surveillance room and release his case files. The first half of the password is carpet.” Your mission: find the CCTV room, identify the culprit. Who can you trust?




A five01productions & Paper Tiger co-production:


Written by Afsaneh Gray
Directed by Oscar Toeman

Commissioned by Theatre Delicatessen, co-produced with five01productions, comprising three short pieces. Enter a circus tent and find out why the clown is giving everyone - including herself - a headache. Let yourself be analysed by the reluctant fortune teller. And pay good money to see a man banging his head against a wall.