Rebecca Oldfield on octopus embraces


We asked Rebecca Oldfield, who plays Sarah in Octopus, yes, you guessed it...eight questions.

How do you feel about this Octopus?

Excited. A bit nervous, but looking foward to getting to grips with this eight-legged creature.

Why should Edinburgh want some Octopus?

Edinburgh will LOVE and embrace this Octopus. It's diverse, thought-provoking, hysterically funny, infuriatingly accurate. It has music, attitude and a lot of heart! I think it will fit right in at Edinburgh.

Alex D'Sa on all things tentacular


We asked Alex D'Sa, who plays Sara in Octopus, er...eight questions.

How do you feel about this Octopus?

Totally energised and engaged. I want to throw this Octopus in the middle of Westminster and see each of its tentacles capture certain politicians in a headlock.

Why should Edinburgh want some Octopus?

Apart from the obvious deliciousness of octopus haggis, Edinburgh is such a diverse, open place with endless possibilities, sharp comedy and musical masterminds -- all of which can be found in Octopus!



by Afsaneh Gray




The scene. A bedroom, a council flat in London. FATHER and MOTHER are boxing up DAUGHTER’s belongings, dividing them into two boxes. There is a television in the room.

FATHER                                                                                                        MOTHER